Bone & Bell is the work of artist and musician Heather Smith.

Heather spent her childhood exploring the forests of Poetry, Texas (yes, really), with a song on her lips, a pencil in hand and a dog on her trail. Over the years, Heather accumulated a pile of instruments and a mountain of pencils. With them, she's told many stories, both musically and visually. "Loom", Bone & Bell's first EP, is a sampling of baritone ukulele songs. "Organ Fantasies", (May 2012), is a collection of songs inspired by vintage organs gathered from alleyways, flea markets and second-hand stores. "Mourning Brume", Bone & Bell's third release, came out on November 13th, 2014.

"Songwriter Heather Smith has a special talent for melancholy, precise folk songs that are instantly hummable and carefully crafted. Her music is regal and charming, possessing a literary feel."

- Matt Garman, Chirp Radio

"Epically chill bump inducing... These are the beautiful doldrums, or the spooky leftovers from something mysteriously charged that make you sit still and soak it all in."

- Sean Moeller, Daytrotter